Friday, July 30, 2010

Saving Bottles and Jars

Believe it or not, Houston has only been accepting glass for curb-side recycling for a few months.  Since glass lasts in the landfill for a million years (approximately), we have thought about uses for empty jars and bottles A LOT.  Other than putting everything in your kitchen in jars, here are a few ideas:

These decorated bottles are meant to be party favors.  Inside the sheet music could be a fortune or inspiring quote.  We're really big on inspiring quotes.

Baby food jars are wonderful for so many things!  Put a bit of sand and a tea light in the bottom and suspend with wire.  We put them in all the trees for outdoor parties.  Magical!

If you're a little more handy with tools you can buy hanging lamp kits and drill holes in jar lids to make a canning jar light fixture.  Find the old blue jars on Etsy to make it really special.

I don't know what I would actually use these for buy who cares?  They're just lovely and slightly mysterious.

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